The considerations in processing cast iron with roller burnishing tools.

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The principle of rolling process is simply to extrude the surface of the workpiece with hard objects and to smooth the ripples left by the cutting process on the workpiece surface. And the internal main component of the cast iron workpiece’s material is graphite (powder), plus a part of iron and other metals. As for the precision of roller pressure, roller burnishing tools is used to adjust the size of the tool by manually screwing the thread. The precision is 0.0025mm. Therefore, in order to achieve dimensional stability control, roller burnishing tools can do it. However, it is not possible to improve the roughness of the workpiece surface of cast iron materials. Because this is determined by the material of the workpiece. At the same time, lubricants are added to roller burnishing tools for processing, mainly for cooling, lubricating and cleaning purposes. There will be graphite dust in the die casting parts. If it enters the tool, it will damage the tool. The lubricating oil can be discharged the crumbs and cleaned; At the same time, there will be a small amount of heat (dozens of times less than the cutting process), which needs to be cooled. The heat concentration will affect the mechanical and physical properties of all metal materials, which need to be cooled.

How to use RBT roller burnishing tool roller burnishing process

Roller Burnishing Process

How much allowance should be left in roller burnishing process?

Two aspects should be noted:

  1. It is determined by the quality of the roller burnishing tool. A good roller burnishing tool will have a wide tolerance range, while a general one is not easy to determine.
  2. It is determined by the aperture of your workpiece.