Characteristics of Inner Hole Rolling Processing

In the process of inner hole rolling, the rolling elements move relative to the machined surface in a rolling way. Therefore, under the same processing conditions, the rolling process requires less pressure than the extrusion process, and the surface processing quality is also better. The inner hole processed by using Inside Diameters (ID) Roller Burnishing Tools can be either cylindrical or conical, and the material of the workpiece can be steel, cast iron or non-ferrous metal.
Internal hole rolling usually takes the finishing as the final process of hole processing.

Inner Hole Rolling Processing’s advantages are:

  1. Its processing technology is simple, easy to master, and no expensive special equipment is needed.
  2.  Large, medium and small enterprises can adopt
  3. It has strong applicability and high production efficiency. It can replace the processes of rough grinding, tip grinding, super-dry grinding and chipping. It can effectively guarantee the quality of products and is an efficient and economical processing method.

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